Preaching Tour Report of Srimad B V Muni Maharaj & Kirtan Video’s

All glories to Sri Sri Guru Gauranga!

Dandavat pranams! Haribol, twenty days preaching tour of Srimad B V Muni Maharaj in Holland came to an end. The devotees and many new comers had inspiring time with him. 

His preaching tour started with ten days of Hari Katha held at the house of Raghav Caitanya prabhu due to his recent departed father, our God brother, Goerdatpersad prabhu. Guru Maharaj preached strongly on the Holy names in particular to many new people who were related to Goerdatpersad prabhu. On the day of cremation, he spoke the glories of Maha Mantra to the present family, friends, acquaintances, and audience. He did it with great conviction, compassion and strength. He ended his speech by singing Maha Mantra in deep and sweet mood. All present felt the powerful vibration of the Holy Names of Lord and deeply impressed.

On the 10th of July, he led the grand Ratha Yatra festival in the megacity Rotterdam. Indian ambassador Mr. J.S. Mukul attended the festival and witnessed what a great happening this Ratha Yatra festival was hosted by Bhakti-Holland Foundation. Lord Jaganatha has mercifully granted pleasant summer weather. The public in great number has been attracted to the festival. Srimati Uma didi came specially to get Darshan of Lord Jaganatha, Baladev and Subhadra when three Deities were brought to the Ratha Yatra cart. Samadhi dance company and Ind!kala Dance Company gave beautiful dance shows. Guru Maharaj shared the podium with famous artists Jimmy, Selmon, number one Tabla player Sandip Bhattacarya, Ashok prabhu, Marmatha didi from Holland and talented Dhruva Sharma from India. Kirtaniyas Vijay, Saraswati from USA made their return and together with Jamuna this time, they elevated the show to an ecstatic end . Gaudiya family united themselves in the spirit of Harmony and Oneness. Different cultures, religions and beliefs melted in one God, one consciousness, sung and danced together as one family. We gave our special thanks to the presentator, Ms Reshma Roopram who for the 2nd time presented the podium program to a great success. Needless to say, on the background prasadam team, security team, decoration team, the first aid team have given 100% good of themselves for this festival to become an event which is praised and appreciated by so many devotees, interested, public and society. We gave our special thanks to cameraman Din Tewa and the others for their tireless seva. We gave our thanks to Visvarupa prabhu who brought their murties of Lord Jaganatha, Subhadra and Baladev to sit on Ratha Yatra cart. This Ratha Yatra festival will remain in the mind of hearts of so many for longer period of time. The organization received so many praises from different corners of the society for the excellent team work and dedicated seva! Here is one of the most ecstatic kirtan video’s recorded in the festival:
To download music clip for free:

For photo impression, please see the galary in this post.

During this Ratha Yatra festival, Guru Maharaj has released his two newest albums, Goura Kripa and Sri Mangala Arati. On the festival site, almost one hundred copies of CD’s of Mangala Arati were freely distributed; almost one hundred USB sticks containing these two albums were given away! These two albums were recorded in Kolkata, India where the most beautiful Gaudiya Kirtans are made. These two albums are embodiments of causeless mercy of Srila Gurudeva, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaj, Gauranga and Guruvarga. The album Goura Kripa is composed in classical style mixed with modern twist, which is most attractive for young generation too. The recording has been done in a high standard which was not found often in vaishnava kirtans nowadays. The heart stirring kirtans from these two albums are free to download from Everybody can register a free soundcloud account through facebook or email.
If you would like to order CD’s and USB sticks of the new albums, please send me messages by email Here is a video impression of the release of the two albums on the day of Ratha Yatra Festival.

Guru Manaraj held Hari Katha’s in English in the morning time in different devotees houses. The subject covered was the origin of Ratha Yatra. When he visited Sunayan didi’s house, he gave grain ceremony to bless the new baby girl of Sunayan didi’s sister.

To give taste of Harinam and Kartik, Guru Maharaj has held Three Days of Japa Retreat in beautiful surrounding Winterswijk in the eastern Netherlands. About forty devotees attended. Within these intense three days, we did Sri Mangala arati every morning from 5:30, followed by Japa walks. Every morning and evening we are nourished with nectarean Hari Katha and heart melting Kirtans, among others by the devotees and talented Dhruva Sharma. During Question and Answer session, Guru Maharaj gave straight forward answers to both general questions and individual questions raised by devotees. The devotees appreciated although sometimes the answers sounded like thunderbolt in the ears and hard to digest. By concerted efforts, every day there were delicious prasadam served by love and affection. Although the japa retreat of three days was very short, the devotees got a glimpse of non-offensive chanting. After retreat, some can chant 64 rounds a day easily. Some insights appeared in the hearts. It was an amazing experience. The next Japa retreat (probably 23 Dec – 30 Dec) will last for seven days. Guru Maharaj requested everybody to chant 64 rounds a day as goal for the coming retreat. Real spiritual life will start by it.

On the day of Guru Purima, Vyasa Puja, Guru Maharaj gave initiation to a few new devotees in the morning. He held fire yagja, vaishnava yagja in the afternoon. In the evening program we offered our puspajali to Srila Gurudeva, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaj and Srila Gour Govinda Swami Maharaj. He requested some senior devotees to speak first. He shared some intimate pastime of Srila Gurudeva, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaj with us. He particularly spoke about chastisement by Sri Guru. Once he went to Srila Gurudeva and made request that Srila Gurudeva should never praise him. Gurudeva was very surprised and said that he had never heard such a request from anybody else. In Sri Guru’s chastisement, there is unlimited mercy. It is our great fortune if Sri Guru gives us chastisement.

On the 20th July, it was the last program with Guru Maharaj. Selmon Mohaboe and Jimmy who earlier attended Ratha Yatra Festival came back to assist Guru Maharaj’s singing. After the nectarean Hari Katha, Guru Maharaj has concluded the program with ecstatic arati and kirtan.

On the 21st July, the day before departure, he did studio recording with the artist Selmon Mohaboe and exchanged some great ideas. Selmon admired Guru Maharaj a lot as the great voice he has ever worked with. After recording, Guru Maharaj mercifully visited Madhumati didi’s parents. He distributed Mahaprasadam to the sick father of Madhumati didi. Then he visited the uncle of Madhumati didi, who is also seriously sick and stayed in the hospital at the last stage. Compassionately Guru Maharaj distributed Maha Prasadam again he brought specially from RadhaKund.

On the morning of 22 July, Gurudeva left Holland for Radha Kund. We accompanied him to the airport Schiphol and hoped that one month will fly very quickly so that he will be back to us for Krishna Janmasthami and Radhasthami again.

Gaura Premanande Hari Hari Bol!

P.S: whenever possible by the facility, we have tried to do livebroadcasting during the whole preaching tour. You can find the livebroadcasted streams here:

The recording of some classes will be uploaded and found here:

To download the two albums of Guru Maharaj freely, please visit

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